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Teen Wolf Panel @ Wincon

At Wincon 2012 in Dallas, Texas, we hosted a Teen Wolf Panel. They discussed the characters, the tropes, the genre, the fandom, and everything in between, and they were awesome enough to agree to being recorded so that even the people who couldn’t attend Wincon this year were able to hear the discussion.

Panelists: daunt, aggybird, canistakahari, ifshehadwings, affectingly, & waterofthemoon

Listen on SoundCloud or Download Here @ MediaFire

Quick warning: You might keep the volume at medium because there are some moments of shouting from the audience and a howl at the end!

About Wincon:
Wincon is a by-the-fans, for-the-fans operation. It is the internet IRL. Meta, Fic, Art, Squee, and Dancing! Next year, Wincon’s going to be in Vegas, and we’d love to see you there! Official dates and the hotel will be announced by the end of November. Follow on Tumblr, Twitter, or watch the website for updates!

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    Yes. All of this. ^ Because, honestly? Wincon is pretty much the highlight of my year.
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    Y’all NEED to listen to this. And then come to Wincon next year. COME FALL TO THE FLOOR WITH US IN PERSON, GAIS.
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    La la la! The girl who realizes halfway through a SENTENCE that that’s ash not flour all over Hoechlin in the credits,...
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    Ahhh yay! It’s up! That’s me on the far left :-D Everyone should listen, and also come to Wincon!
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    GUYS HERE IS THE AUDIO FILE FROM THE TEEN WOLF PANEL@ WINCON. You can listen to us talk about feelings and squee and...
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