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I have worked ALL WEEK LONG almost NONSTOP on Wincon. We’re gearing up for this year’s AND next year’s con. (We’ve got so many amazing plans for BOTH, but especially for next year because it’s our TENTH YEAR!!)

All the stuff going around about cons lately (ahem) has made me so grateful for ours. We’ve been going since 2006 and we’ve really been hitting our planning stride the past few years. And next year, we’re looking to do some really exciting things!

Which, you know, it occurs to me that many of you might be interested in the planning side of an event like that, and not only do I have YEARS of experience running Wincon, I also have experience with several large (800-1,000 person) conferences. WHAT I’M SAYING IS THAT I’VE GOT A LOT OF EXPERIENCE, and Wincon’s TEAM has a lot of experience. So if that’s something you ever wanted to get in on, one of the things Wincon believes very strongly in is giving young women a chance who otherwise might not have the opportunity to learn-by-doing.

We’re actually looking to fill a few specific rolls, too, but we’re going to make that announcement in the next month or so, probably. Anyhoodles, WHAT WAS I SAYING?

Oh yes, I have been working all week and now I’m exhausted and it’s Friday and I’m going to have some whiskey. Ahhhhhwwwww yeah.

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